Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Those who have been with me since Closer, Cold Desert know that music plays a big part in my writing process. Whether it's a song for a particular scene or what I'm listening to as I'm writing, music's big with me. So, I thought I'd share some of the music I have around me while writing TWIO.

"Let Me Down" by Kelly Clarkson: When I was deciding whether I should go with TWIO as the fic's title, I contemplated going with this KC song. After I really thought about the lyrics, though, I realized it would've been more appropriate to use if Edward was making promises to Angela that she later realized he had no intention of keeping. Even still, it's a great song to write to. Since I'm more of a fluff writer, this helps with the angst.

"Cave In" by Kree Woods: This song/title was so close to becoming the title and tone of TWIO. The lyrics are near perfect to what Angela goes through in the story. Lines like "Maybe I can figure out a way to fix this," "I need you to acknowledge/That there was at least a glimpse of right in our wrongness," "Sure, she is stable with her stone foundation/Secure in herself/Such an easy decision," and "Collecting broken things was always your weakness" really embody Angela's emotions.

"Can't Let Go" by Mariah Carey: Please. Did you really think I was gonna talk about a music playlist and not have Mariah in there? Pffft. Now... "Can't Let Go" is one of my all time favorite Diva songs, though it ended up being her first single to not hit #1 (it hit #2). The lyrics and vulnerability of of the song are what I think the more vulnerable part of Angela feels like. She's heartbroken, confused, and doesn't know what to do about it. Diva has a song for every emotion and situation, and she can do no wrong, because she is perfect, and I will fight you if you say different. O_O

"All I Wanted" by Paramore: The world knows that I have a serious love for Paramore, especially Hayley's voice. The reason I love this song so much is more than just the belt towards the end of the song. It's the fact that it somehow manages to encompass being vulnerable and frustrated at the same time. And the chorus of "All I wanted was you" is what Angela keeps going back to when she thinks about why she's doing what she is.

"Anybody's Heart" by Katharine McPhee: Katharin McPhee is one of the most underrated singers. Ever. So, it doesn't really surprise me when people have no idea who I'm raving about. The reason I listen to and love this song in regards to TWIO is because I think people are forgetting that Angela is acting out of what she feels for Edward. She loves him. She wants to be with him and somehow manage to keep Bella from getting hurt. She's heartbroken over her situation with Edward - the fact that she can't have him in the way she really wants - and in her situation with Bella - she's hurting her best friend because of her situation with Edward. I know it's easy to hate Angela, but the heart can make you do things that go against your better judgment. Most people think with their heart, not their head. Angela's no different.

That's enough of my rambling for now. As the story continues and starts to wind down, I'll have more songs to post.

Thank you for sticking by me and wanting to fillet Angela and wishing Edward's balls would fall off and hoping that Bella's not being naive. :)

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Basic TWIO Info

Just wanted to offer a little insight into TWIO for those interested.

All of my fic ideas have either been dreams or daydreams influenced by whatever music I have blaring from my headphones. The title and idea behind TWIO came from a track off of Kelly Clarkson's new album that I had on repeat for two days straight. You can listen to the song HERE.

P.S. The lyrics are not indicative of what will happen in the story. Yes, they are. No, they're not. Maybe. Not really. ;)

When I thought about how I would approach this story, I really wanted it to be from Angela's POV for two reasons:

The first is that all of the Cheatward fics I've read have been in either E or B's perspectives. I thought it would be interesting to write from the other guilty party's POV.

The second reason centers around Angela's canon character. I never had anyone other than Angela in mind to play "the other woman." "What if Angela was Angela, the amazingly sweet and loyal best friend, but she had been in love with Edward long before Bella moved to Forks? What if she was given the opportunity to be with him? Could anybody blame her for screwing up?" With that thought, I wanted to try and create a character that a reader could both hate and feel sympathetic toward.

That's pretty much it. I know that there isn't anything of a reveal in this post, but I wanted to share some info that I thought might help when it comes to understanding the characters of the story.

Thank you for reading, reviewing, and rec'ing. It's greatly appreciated. A giant double happy rainbow thanks goes out to EdwardsBloodTpe, RoseArcadia, jadapattinson, and einfach_mich.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Before You Flounce

Just some things you need to know, so you can decide whether you want to continue reading or not:

1. Yes, the Angela mentioned at the end of the chapter is Angela Weber. The entire drabble will be in her POV.
2. All human.
3. High school setting.
4. This is E/B and E/A.
5. I have reasons as to why Angela is "the other woman" instead of being the girlfriend (and having Edward cheat on her with Bella). These reasons will become more apparent as the story goes on.
6. The outline in my head has roughly 10-15 plot points that I want to make. I don't know how that will translate as far as the number of chapters the drabble will have, though.

If you do decide to flounce, thanks for giving the fic a try anyway.

See you tomorrow. :)

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